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The Sugar Me Bakery

                                                                    made from scratch


We order from Sugar Me Bakery for most of our Parent meetings at school. Our Parents love them, the Staff loves them. The teachers sneak in and steal them. The flavors are amazing, it's so difficult to determine which to choose that you end up sharing because they are so big!. The Banana and the White Chocolate Raspberry are delicious. The Red Velvet is heaven ! There really isn't a flavor I've heard is not terrific. The owner and his family are one of the most caring, gracious, commited to their community service operators I have ever met. All around We LOVE Sugar Me Bakery, They make life easy and definitly sweet!

Shelly Kim

President, Fairmont Private Schools A.H. Parent


Dear SugarMeBakery... I am SO happy to have finally found a bakery that has added TASTE back into the Baked Goods... Everything that we have had, your carrot cake, your yummy lemon cupcakes and your AWESOME sugar cookies has delighted myself, my sweetooth and my family . THANK YOU from a happy tummy!

Christi Yeandle

Satisfied Sweetooth

Every time I go to bagel me I pick up a sugar me cupcake. They taste fantastic. You can really tell the hard work these people put into their baked goods. It is unlike any cookie you just pick up in a grocery store. They aren't too pricey and the frosting!! I love Sugar Me, always satisfied with their work!!


Starving Student

I am the owner and cupcake creator for All That Glitters Cupcakes but I am catering only. I get requests all the time for single cupcakes and I always recommend Sugar Me Bakery! I think it is important that we support our local bakers and these girls have it down! Whenever I don't feel like baking and just crave a cupcake, these are the ONLY cupcakes that are good enough for my palette! Thank you Sugar Me!


Owner and operator of All That Glitters Cupcakes

I had a taste of one of your delicious chocolate cakes w/ creamy frosting this past weekend and I HAD to find out where it came from. The cake was brought to LA area for a bday celebration and all I can say is I wish you had a sister location up here b/c your cake was "to die for". We took some home and I only craved more when it was gone! That had to be one of THEE most moist and delicious cakes I ever tasted. I may have to take a trip to Orange County just so I can get my "fix". If you open a store in LA area, I will be there w/ a fork and napkin in tow. Thank you so much!


"craving more mommy"

I have used The Sugar Me Bakery for some of my parties the last two years and couldn't be more happy! They take my ideas and make them better and the cakes and cupcakes don't just look beautiful, they are so fresh, moist and delicious. Sugar Me Bakery has the best prices as well! You will NOT be disappointed....I Promise!

Brittany Isaacs

Sugar Me Bakery is AMAZING!!

Just like to show our appreciation for your honest and delicious cupcakes. They are light and airy, not too sweet, and the buttercream is just pure heaven. Haven't tasted this kind of frosting since childhood. Yummmmm. Thank you Sugar Me!


Very happy customer

Love the cupcakes and cookies! I cook several days a week and must say, the flavor and quality at Sugar Me Bakery is of the highest level. My favorite is probably the red velvet cupcakes.

Alex Strapp

Coach AJ / Mommy's chef

I have tried Sprinkles and these cupcakes were by far better. My grandma, Aunt and Mom all agree that these were better. The cake is moister and the frosting is delish. I hope this takes off and you can carry more flavors all the time.

Meredith Jackson

Best in OC

My family and I have ordered from Sugar Me multiple times and we love it! We're big fans of the white chocolate raspberry cake and have ordered it for three different occasions. Such a great bakery! No other bakery can compare!


Returning customer

All I can say about the Sugar Me Bakery is Mmmmm! First of all, these cupcakes are spectacular. They are uber moist, always fresh and are topped with creamy, delicious frosting. Plus, they are ginormous and reasonably priced. I loooove how they have 'wacky' flavors like Sour Apple and Blueberry Basil. Sooo good! These cupcakes are always a nice treat.

MIchelle H.

Satisfied Customer

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